Tuesday, 25 September 2012

When Mark G met John G

I would always confuse Guy Pearce with Heath Ledger. Maybe it was due to the fact that I began to take more notice of them both around the same time. Well, I guess it would be difficult for the confusion to continue seeing how that one is roughly 6ft and the other is under 6ft of rough.

As amazing as they both are, our focus today is on Mr Pearce. To be honest, I don't think I've seen many films starring Guy Pearce. It was the ultra gruesome and fantastic 'Ravenous' (with the inimitable Robert Carlyle) that made me take notice of him. If you haven't seen it then rectify that this instance. It also has a brilliant soundtrack courtesy of, I want to say G.Coxon from Blur...it might be...I'm sure it has something to do with Blur. Here's a trailer:


 'Ravenous' was released the same year as '10 Things I Hate About You' (the source of the confusion), then Pearce went on to render viewers mind boggled in Nolan's 'Memento'...which leads us nicely onto our film parody poster #2. The joke this time is completely in the title. I didn't swap out a word for a rhyming variant or a synonym, just tweaked what was there. Nolan had obviously wanted me to do this 12 years down the line. I would actually love to sit and type for hours about 'Memento', but I'll resist and throw up an official poster:

It does exactly what it needs to do: The polaroids (along with the title) imply that there are memories and moments involved, whilst the repetition informs you that the crux of the film is an Ouroboros style infinite loop. Poor Guy. He really gets a rough time of it in 'Memento'. Even the saucy Carrie-Anne Moss gives him more abuse than Jodie Marsh gives her Boots Advantage Card. However, the casting in 'Memento' is absolutely flawless. Easily one of the best line-ups of all time. Hell, even Ned from 'Groundhog Day' is in there.

And so here is my poster design for 'Memento'. Self explanatory really. Ok, I know that it's rare to get that many yellow fruit Mentos in a pack and 'Chewy Dragees' is positioned UNDER AND ABOVE the logo, but you know what...sue me. Oh...wait...you can't, thanks to my copyright evading design technique ;) . I tried to incorporate the 'Memento' logo into the poster but it didn't really fit. I did decide to keep it completely text-free and let the visuals do the talking (with the exception of 'Chewy Dragees' on the packet). Coming back to the design, though, it smacked me like a kipper to the balls that I should actually re-create the 'Mentos' logo. I'm glad I did because it works a 'sweet'............quite.