Monday, 22 October 2012

Welcome to Prime Time, Bilbo!

If there's one thing I love more than Nightmare on Elm Street, it's Lord of the Rings. And if there's one thing I love more than Lord of the Rings, it's Robert Englund.

Let's be honest now - we all love Krueger more than the actual Nightmare films. Sure, for all its shortcomings and flagrant technical ineptitude (midget stunt- Freddy, anyone?), the original was creative, imaginative and still makes for brilliant viewing...but then all the other parts happened. Although, in all fairness, 'Dream Warriors' deserves to have its name uttered (not too loudly, though).

It took the whole concept of Freddy and the workings of subconscious closer to, what I reckon, was buried deep under the original's vicious surface - that I approve of. Dream manipulation and subconscious powers were fleshed out admirably in 'Dream Warriors', albiet rather fantastical and amateurish. However, the beginnings of Krueger's puns, one-liners and bad stand-up routine, coupled with his absurd and convoluted back story, were elements that really weren't necessary.

Anyway, what if Freddy haunted the LOTR universe? Firstly, I tell you what - it would probably be less absurd than Hellraiser: Bloodlines and Jason X. Secondly, it would be rather entertaining and certainly have more integrity and intensity than the Nightmare re-boot.

My poster design isn't based on any of the Nightmare or LOTR posters. The moment I remembered the bridge going into Helms Deep, it screamed out to be Freddy's arm. I had originally planned to craft Krueger's claw from rocks and cracks, but a friend suggested that I use soldiers. I'm glad he did, because it works well. I consciously chose those insipid greens and striking red to remain as close as possible to Freddy's colour scheme.


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